Light Bright and Summer Delight!


‘Tis the season to add life and an abundance of harmonious colors to any summer event, so what better way to achieve this notion than by creating vibrant floral that really embody what this season has to offer.


Rustic style themes are all the buzz right so it’s no surprise seeing more outdoor elements being incorporated in today’s decor. Simple budget friendly items such as this galvanized tin we used for this stunning centerpiece makes for the ideal primitive base to really get this look going and leave guests wanting to recreate this very look at home!

Don’t be afraid to get a little daring and integrate a single, bold colored flower such as the eye-catching rogue protea, displayed above, creating the perfect focal point to really tie this piece together. How’s that for pretty in pink?


Big, Bold and Beautiful

Are the 3 words that emanate from this breathtaking dreamy bouquet. One of the key elements that makes this arrangement so voluminous in size is the blend of pastel colors which creates the illusion of bigger flowers due to the subtle and soft pigmentation. Paired with the perfect cascading forest green sprigs this enchanting assortment is sure to make an impressive appearance at any summer wedding and have guests fidgeting with anticipation to be the lucky ones that catch it!


Leonardo Da Vinci said it best when he indicated that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This energetic little bouquet exhibits the perfect balance of effortless beauty intertwined with a vivid aura making this a sensational arrangement to really bring life and soul to any summer party!


Do you enjoy looking up and admiring the evening twilight sky?

This dreamy centerpiece radiates the same ethereal energy at a convenient and pleasantly fragrant distance. This bouquet gracefully mimics a harmonious golden hour summer sky by encompassing an assortment of cantaloupe, mauve, and salmon hues making it a perfect touch to any midsummer event.


Summertime is all about having fun and taking risks, seeing what works and what doesn’t so we got a little creative and played around with vibrant colors, bold textures and contrasting flowers. This design exhibits the perfect amount of iridescence from the abundance of wildflowers to the pastel pink roses that add the perfect little touch of sophistication and lightness. We also wanted to incorporate a bit of a full and fluffy textured look so what better floral piece to use than pink hydrangeas to give this decor just that. To finish off we decided on vivid greens which really gave it bursting, quirky finish.

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